QC Maxx

GROUNDFLOOR is now offering pre-Approval of a business credit line!
Financing your investment deals are now even easier and faster with GROUNDFLOOR. 

As a QC Maxx borrower, you'll have the fastest access to fund your real estate business.

GROUNDFLOOR currently funds loans ranging from $75,000 - $2,000,000. 



$75 application fee gets you pre-Approved for six months with an opportunity to extend.  Have peace of mind that your financing is lined up when you have a deal in hand. 
Zero Payments
 Take advantage of our ZERO payment  option.  You pay nothing until your loan pays off.
Close Quick!  Once you're pre-Approved, all we need to close is Title & Appraisal!
Gives you negotiating power with Sellers with a pre-Approved business line of credit.   
Let Sellers know you mean business and are ready to buy - now. 



Just click the button below to complete the application to get Maxxed. 

If you'd like to speak with one of our Investment Loan Advisors, call 404-480-9025 or email borrowers@groundfloor.us.


Get Pre-Approved for a Business Credit Line

Questions & Answers


What is QC MAXX?
Quick Close Maximized (QC Maxx) is GROUNDFLOOR's new pre-approved business credit line product. With QC Maxx you can get pre-Approved for financing for future projects with loan amounts from $75,000 - $2,000,000. 


Do you need to have a property in mind to take advantage of QC Maxx?
Absolutely not - the QC Maxx program is built specifically to allow you the flexibility to get your finances in order and show sellers that you are a serious buyer while you shop around for your next project. 


What are the benefits of QC Maxx?
QC Maxx allows you to close fast on a project.  Once approved, all you need is Title & Appraisal. We also provide you an official letter of pre-Approval that you can take to sellers to show you are a serious and qualified buyer. 


How do I get started?
Fill out the loan application clicking on the GET MAXXED button above and one of our Investment Loan Advisors will follow up with you to finalize the process and get your official pre-Approval letter.