GROUNDFLOOR Fix & Flip Loans

Groundfloor is the only direct lender offering crowdsourced capital for short-term real estate loans. Because we only serve the residential fix & flip market, we understand the unique cash flow needs and pre-fund all our loans to provide cash-in-hand in as little as five days. 

Plus, our deferred payment loan option gives you more control over your cash flow so you're not hemorrhaging capital in the middle of a project.

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  • Industry Leading Rates on residential hard money loans

  • The ability to Quickly and Easily Customize Your Loan to fit your needs

  • Borrowing with No Tax Returns, Bank Statements, or Personal Guarantees required

  • A variety of loan types and terms designed to get YOU the Highest Return Possible

  • White Glove Customer Service

  • And the MOST Cash in Hand
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GROUNDFLOOR offers short-term, hard money residential loans in WA, NV, UT, AZ, CO, TX, MN, MO, IL, MI, OH, TN, AL, GA, FL, SC, NC, VA, MD, RI, MA, and NH
The Groundfloor Advantage
  • Deferred or monthly payments
  • Rates starting at 5.4%
  • Closing as fast as 5 days
  • Fix-and-flip hard money loans from $75,000 to $2,000,000 for residential properties (Cannot be owner occupied)
  • Roll points into closing
  • No personal guarantee required
  • Up to 70% ARV
  • Up to 90% LTC
  • Fast and easy application (no tax returns, no bank statements)
How Groundfloor Fix & Flip Loans Work


  • Simple online loan application
  • Complete at your convenience
  • Get your rate in minutes

Finance your next residential real estate project with GROUNDFLOOR. Applying for a loan is simple. Complete our online application and see your initial rate quote in just one click. Contact us at (404) 476-6664 if you have any questions about the application process or your initial rate quote.

2 | FUND

  • Close as fast as 5 days
  • True asset based lending
  • Defer payments for up to 1 year

Once your application is complete and submitted, our Lending Operations Team will connect with you to review your project and discuss the details. Once approved we will coordinate the closing and immediately fund your loan. Later, your project will be financially backed by thousands of GROUNDFLOOR investors.

3 | FLIP

  • Simple draw process for finished work
  • Complete the renovation, sell the property
  • Repay your Groundfloor loan

Access funds efficiently with draw requests throughout the life of the loan. When you choose a Deferred Payment Loan, you make no payments until you sell or refinance the property. GROUNDFLOOR wants your project to succeed and gives you the cash in-hand to complete your project.

Hear From Our Borrowers

John Mangham | Real Estate Investor 
"With GROUNDFLOOR, I saw that the cost of capital could be significantly less than a hard money loan. Groundfloor's team gets what the borrower needs."

Danesha Palmer | Real Estate Investor 
"I was pretty amazed with Groundfloor - the points were awesome, the down payment was awesome."

Sherry Bailey | Real Estate Investor 
"GROUNDFLOOR was super easy to work with. The follow-up is so great. They are always there, and always on it."
Adam Ailion | Real Estate Investor 
"My first GROUNDFLOOR project, which had 100% equity, was denied funding from a bank and a credit union since I owned the property for less than 6 months (even with my 740+ credit score!). Thankfully GROUNDFLOOR arrived. The loan underwriting was timely and much smoother than what I've experienced at large banks. Loan servicing and post-closing support were also responsive and they were prompt to make payments on any construction draws."
Steve Brock | Real Estate Investor 
"GROUNDFLOOR's innovative approach to real estate financing is proving to be an effective way for us to keep pace with rising demand in our communities. I was blown away by how quickly and easily we were able to fund a project. "